A New Beginning…Living a Charged Life

“In every phenomenon the beginning remains always the most notable moment” ~ Thomas Carlyle

I live by my desire to improve, grow and create new beginnings everyday. I follow my voice, choose forgiveness and live every moment with no judgment and no regret. I have wasted far too much time in worries of the past. I use self-compassion, positive energy and a will to move forward. I celebrate my new insights and use these to create a new step on my journey. My journey in living a charged life.

Brendon Burchard, author of The Charge, writes “The Charged Life, then, usually calls to us after we have done what we are suppose to do, become who we thought we were supposed to be, lived as we thought we were suppose to live. Then the safety and comfort and compromise get to us, and a stirring of restlessness and revolution sends us off in search of greater adventures and meaning.”

What changes do you need to make to start experiencing a Charged Life?

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